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Looking to simplify your scholarship process? Partner with My Scholarship Central!

My Scholarship Central is seeking more scholarship programs to be part of our application site. We are looking for non-profit partners offering scholarships of at least $500 for students in Missouri or the surrounding areas. The program should have a clear and fair application and review process.

Scholarship providers maintain full control of their scholarship program as a part of My Scholarship Central. There is no cost for non-profit scholarship providers to be part of My Scholarship Central.

Scholarship Provider Responsibilities: Develop application, set eligibility criteria, advertise scholarship, review applications, select recipients, distribute scholarship funds

My Scholarship Central Responsibilities: Build application in scholarship system, recruit student applicants within the system, assist with setting up the review process, provide training on using the My Scholarship Central system


  • My Scholarship Central is used by more than 13,000 students each year – students and counselors know this is the place to look for scholarships.
  • Easy to set application criteria and clearly see if an applicant is eligible or ineligible.
  • Customizable online review process. Applications can be manually or randomly assigned to your review team to evaluate with a rubric of your design.
  • Everything is virtual – no keeping track of paper applications.
  • You maintain control of your application process while being part of a larger effort to improve college affordability.

Interested in partnering with My Scholarship Central? Contact Kaitlyn Venta at [email protected].

Current Partners

My Scholarship Central is proud to partner with more than 60 scholarship providing organizations across Missouri and Illinois.

Foundation Partners

These organizations provide financial support to keep My Scholarship Central free for students.

Community Partners

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